The SOSPPAN Campaign - Saving Medical Services for the People of LLanelli
Do you want to lend us your support? All we need is your name to show that we have the support of the people of Llanelli. (You can also Support us on Facebook)
(This campaign is NOT a political campaign and is supported by ALL political parties, the Trades Unions and the Town and Rural Councils of Llanelli). 
D.M. Cundy (Press Officer)
Suzy Curry
Louvain Roberts (MId Wifery)
V.B. Hitchman (Chairman)
Keith Davies (AM)
Gerald Davies
Lynne Drummond
Huw Evans (Surgeon)
John Willock
Dyfrig Thomas (County Council)
Pat Jones (Nursing)
Keith Evans (Author)
Amanda Davies
Wayne Jones
Anne Jones
Megan Qualters
Shauna Davies
Pam Bennet
Gerald M Hughes
John Jenkins (County Council)
Rosalind Pitt
Carol Edwards
Tegwen Devichand (County Council)
Sharen Davies (Rural Council)
Susan Lewis (Rural Council)
Carl Lucas (Town Council)
Iwan Griffiths
Barrington Onslow
W.G. Thomas (Town Council)
Nia Griffiths (MP)
Tony Flatley (Secretary)
David Darkin (Treasurer)
John Evans (Town Council)
Jan Williams (Town Council)
H. Hitchman (Town Council)
Robert Thomas
Sian Caiach (County Council)
Ken Rees
H. Cundy
Pippa Wheel
Gareth Davies
Sonia Jones
Clive Jones
Pete Qualters
Hilda Lewis
Dianna Jones
Leader of Carmarthenshire County Council
Marcus Rose
Theresa Bowen
Catherime Thomes (ex AM)
Helen Mary Jones (ex AM)
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